Monday, 6 August 2018

ISOPADEC SUBVENTION SCANDAL: A concerned citizen of Oguta LGA Hits Hard on Imo State Accountant General

Recently a concerned citizen of Oguta LGA hits hard on Imo State accountant General, Madam Stella Udogu. You will not believe the results so far lol, I tell you is not a joking matter at all. 

See how it all happened 


"Is the Accountant General of Imo State (not) aware that the bank account into which these ISOPADEC monthly allocations are being paid, is an illegitimate account being operated as a slush fund for the purposes of stealing, conversion, diversion, misappropriation, misapplication and/or otherwise, criminally laundering these public funds running into hundreds of millions of Naira, every month? If she is aware, has she taken any steps to stop the payment of these allocations into these privately held bank accounts, or invite the relevant law enforcement agencies into the matter?
Even if she was not previously aware, she has just become aware by reason of this revelation that ISOPADEC funds are being held in the private bank accounts of influential or self-appointed leaders from the Imo State oil producing communities.
It is not enough to ask the indigenes of Ohaji-Egbema and Oguta to stop disturbing her staff; she must act decisively to expose the fraud and the master-minds of the fraud, unless she is a beneficiary of, and co-conspirator in the criminal diversion of ISOPADEC funds.
Why has she only just chosen to open up about this grand malfeasance? Afterall, this slush fund was not set up overnight; the brazen, unconscionable looting of ISOPADEC has been going on for years, and there's plenty more to it than the story of two months allocation".

This, in my view, is the open sore of the wealthy, yet wretched people of the oil-bearing communities of Ohaji-Egbema / Oguta LGAs


Disclaimer: Comment expressed do not reflect the opinion of Isaac Yoma