Sunday, 5 August 2018


The status quo ante must be questioned and corrected as it has obviously stood against modern rang. This task becomes more sweatless when trust is dedicated to the position that *"the power of the people is greater than the people in power".

When representative democracy sprouted in Greece years ago following the necessity of one individual to speak on behalf of the people, it was not meant for gross nonchalance on the sides of representatives to the most pressing plights of the represented. It was not also pigeonholed for the complete prunning of citizens from their rights to be accountably governed or represented. If there is an attempt to approve the present standard with the consolation that we are in Nigeria/Oguta/Ohaji-Egbema/Oru West Federal Constituency, then the Federal Constituency/Nigerian standard is ulterly capricious and unacceptable to the levels of its ulter capriciousness. There is urgent need for a fix. That is what Distinguished PRINCE DR. HENRY OKAFOR has brought to the fore. 

The Oil Rich Region People of Oguta/Ohaji-Egbema/Oru West Federal Constituency are record-keeping people and they have not hastily forgotten the innovative signature of the public/private partnership strategy with which *PRINCE DR. HENRY OKAFOR* blossomed the Interventionist Commission of ISOPADEC into enviable heights. His records and achievements as the Super MD are feats unmean. As a legislator in the National Assembly, PRINCE DR. OKAFOR will ginger to do more for the betterment of the Federal Constituency. 

Oguta/Ohaji-Egbema/Oru West Federal Constituents are optimistic people - more so in the right direction and with a better representative. PRINCE DR. HENRY OKAFOR prepares to cap the people's optimism and belief in him with legislations and programs that would usher more youths, women and men from the congested lowest ebb of the human existential pyramid. 

The choice of PRINCE DR. HENRY OKAFOR is both politically profitable and strategically correct. When the people's partisan will and patriotic expectations are enshrined in the manifesto of an aspirant, that aspirant's candidature and victory represents the sway of majority over minority. All is truly well when majority wins the vote. PRINCE DR. HENRY OKAFOR for all, all for *PRINCE DR. HENRY OKAFOR.

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