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Writing about the person of Distinguished Senator Ifeanyichukwu Godwin Araraume is a herculean task as one is confused as to where to start from. It is akin to the blind man who was asked to touch an elephant and describe what he felt. How do you talk about a business titan, political colossus, Senator of the Federal Republic, silent philanthropist, dotting father and loving grand dad, notable Nigerian and statesman. 

Araraume can be described as a child of destiny with his steps, guided by God almighty. A sole male child kept alive by God to fulfil his purpose in life. A man who from dint of God?s grace and hardwork is today one of the most prominent and influential men in the political firmament of Nigeria; a recurrent political decimal in Imo and Nigerian politics.


Araraume hails from a community known as ISIEBU in Isiala Mbano Local Government Area of Imo State and was born on 16th December, 1958, to the family of late Mr. Marcus and Mrs Grace Adaezi Araraume with strict Christian discipline and standards. This training is responsible for his Christian ethics of fidelity, strong will, faith in God and charity.

The young Araraume attended St. Eugene?s Primary School, Eziukwu Aba now in Abia State and St. Christopher Primary School, Umuluwe, Osuachara in Isiala Mbano Local Government Area, Imo State and thereafter proceeded to Sapele Technical College, Sapele in Delta State and later to Dick Tiger Memorial Secondary School, Amaigbo, Nwangele Local Government Area of Imo State where he finally finished his secondary school education.

With a burning for success and with the knowledge that a university degree will set him on the route achieve his dreams, he sojourned to the United States of America where he bagged a first Degree in Business Administration from Liberty University, Lynchburg, Virginia. Not satisfied with thirst for more knowledge, Araraume went further to burnish his academic laurels with a Master?s Degree in International Relations from the University of Benin, Nigeria. He has attended several conferences and workshops to update his knowledge and keep abreast of social, economic and political dynamics of modern society. In addition, he is an avid reader with an eye for details.


Often times when men attain high political offices, it blights their achievements in other spheres of life as people only remember them for their political activities. Senator Araraume?s accomplishments are not restricted to politics alone as he had made a success of his business pursuits before venturing in to the murky waters of Nigerian politics. In business, he has succeeded with dogged determination to build a conglomerate that has taken hundreds of youths off the labor market.

He has vast business interests in Construction, Retail, Real Estate, Banking, Insurance and Trade. He is the Chairman of Exclusive Stores Limited, Climax Insurance Brokers Ltd, Harmony Properties Limited and a one-time Director, defunct Inland Bank Plc (now part of FCMB) etc. 

In a bid to reduce the unemployment situation in his home state of Imo, he is currently building two industries in Owerri to strengthen the State's economy and provide jobs for Imo youths that will house a branch of Exclusive Stores and Bakery in Owerri.


Having achieved some measure of success in his business pursuit and desiring to make contributions towards a better Nigeria, Sen Araraume joined partisan politics in the Third Republic. Prior to this time, he has been involved in assisting others gain political power and nominating people to offices, former Gov Ikedi Ohakim benefitted from his magnanimity when he nominated him as a commissioner at the request of Sen Evan Enwerem, the former Governor of Imo State.

In the realm of politics, Senator Araraume?s political experience includes being:

The pioneer State Chairman of the defunct All Peoples Party (APP); later ANPP in Imo State (1998 -1999) State Treasurer, Liberal Convention in old Imo State (1988-1989) Member, National Finance Committee of the National Republican Convention (NRC) from 1990 -1993,and Chairman, NRC Presidential Primaries for Kwara and Delta States. He was elected to the Senate in 1999 and was re-elected in 2003.

Senator Araraume is currently a member of the All Progressive Congress (APC).


Ifeanyi Godwin Ararume was elected Senator for Imo North, Okigwe Senatorial Zone of Imo State, 

Nigeria at the start of the Nigerian Fourth Republic in 1999 on the platform of the People's Democratic Party (PDP). He was re-elected in April 2003 and served out his term.


While in the Senate, Senator Araraume held the following positions:

Chairman, Senate Committee on Power and Steel Development.

Chairman, Senate Committee on Local and Foreign Debts.

Pioneer Vice Chairman, Senate Committee on the Niger Delta.

Chairman, Southern Senators? Forum.

Chairman, South-East Caucus Committee on the creation of an additional State for the South-East.

Chairman, Senate Committee for Public Hearing in the South-West on Constitution Amendment.

Vice Chairman, Senate Committee on Governmental Affairs.

Vice Chairman South-East Caucus of National Assembly. 

Legislative Achievements: 

Senator Araraume was a First Class Senator and one of the most outstanding legislators? in the Senate between 1999 and 2007. He had his imprimatur on all major activities of the Senate in his time and recorded the following achievements: 

He was influential in the decision of the Constitutional Review Committee of the National Assembly to include a recommendation urging the Federal Government to create an additional state for the South-East; he led a delegation of Lawmakers from the South-East to mobilize support for this objective.

He facilitated the rehabilitation of the Okigwe Regional Water Scheme by the Federal Government.

He attracted the Okohia-Isiebu-Umuelemai Road.

He attracted the Okigwe-Umuelemai-Isinweke-Umuahia Road.

The Isiebu Community Water Scheme.

The Isiebu Community Police Station.

Transmission Lines from Alaoji to Okigwe and provision of transformers (including MV Transformers) to many Communities in Imo, Abia and the entire South-East.

He attracted the NTA Station, Okigwe.

The Anara Power Station (Exchange).

He attracted, through the NDDC, a road from Isinweke to Umuahia with a second bridge across the Imo River.

He was the Pioneer Vice-Chairman of the Niger Delta Committee and played a major role in the inclusion of Imo and Abia as NDDC States. The original bill presented by President Olusegun Obasanjo did not include Imo and Abia State etc.

  • Awards/Recognitions

A golden fish, they say, has no hiding place. Although a man not used to undue publicity and self-glorification, Araraume has been roundly been recognized for his business acumen, managerial dexterity and political accomplishments. He is a recipient of the following merit awards:

Fellow, Institute of Sales Management of Nigeria (FNISM).

Fellow, Institute of Sales Management of Nigeria (FNISM);

Fellow Institute of Corporate 

Administration (FICA) etc. 

Patron, Nigeria Association of Women Journalists (NAWOJ);

Grand Achiever, Field of Science, Faculty of Science Students Association, Obafemi 

Awolowo University, Ife (GAFS)

Recipient, Justice of Peace Award

Award for outstanding performance by the Umuduru Development Administration, Lagos Branch; Honorary 

Fellowship of the Institute of Internal Auditors of Nigeria; 

World Figure of Outstanding Leadership Union; 

Award for Excellent Performance by the Nigerian Youth Movement (NYM);

Award for Democracy & Good Governance by the Nigerian Union of Journalists (NUJ), Abuja Council;

Best Serving Senator of the South East (2003 - 2007) award by Encomium Magazine etc.


Sen Ifeanyi Araraume believes there is a limit to what his personal wealth and influence can do to alleviate the suffering of people around him. He knows that with the instrument of government, he can reach as much people as possible with amenities and opportunities with proper utilization of resources, probity, due process and respect for rule of law. This underlines his quest for political power and the desire to occupy the seat of Governor of Imo State. As an individual, he is comfortable with the little God has blessed him with. He has been quoted to have said severally that he doesn't desire to be governor for personal aggrandizement or as a laurel on his political accomplishments but sees the office as an instrument to help others and provide an enabling environment for others, especially the youths to achieve their dreams in life. His solid Report Card and dividends attracted to his senatorial zone indicates a man who says what he means, and means what he says. A man who power doesn?t intoxicate or moved by its privileges and pecks. A man who keeps to agreements and faithful to his friends and associates alike.


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