Sunday, 23 August 2020

Giginya the uncuttable tree.

Giginya and its fruits


Giginya the uncuttable tree, Yes! the uncuttable tree.

Today I want to write about this tree that is found allover the northern state am not sure if there is any state that doesn't have it.

I had opportunity to do a rice farm which made me to visit the farms around my area in Kebbi State Nigeria and Giginya the uncuttable tree was available everywhere in the farm.

I called it the uncuttable tree because of the story behind it's standing firm allover the farm environment even inside the village people don't cut it except it's palms falls and they can use them as fire woods.

It is pertinent for you to know that its fruits is consumable and is good for the body even though am yet to figure out the nutritional value of the fruit.

It is said even the government is against  the cutting of the tree, Kebbi State is know the be mountainous and plain in the areas that are close to the River Niger.

I am going to be talking about some values of the tree why you don't cut it down like every other tree and get away with it.

Economical Value:

The fruit: The fruit of Giginya tree is for food, it is consumable and very sweet in nature just like sugar cane I have also tested it. It actually looks like coconut but when you break it, is always like another thing entirely full of red cream.

It's Palms: Just like Palm tree the Giginya palms are very useful for making fire wood and other things like covering of roofs when you build the local house with mud.

The Tree: The tree itself can be used for many things, but on the contrary since people are not allowed to cut it down like every other tree, so one had to wait until it falls by itself. As such, when it has finally fall down either because of wind or it's roots are weak, one can take time to cut it and make use of it either as firewood when it is dried or as planks for building.

Fulani herdsman feeding cows on Kebbi Beautiful plain


What do you think of this tree? and what nutritional value do you see or had from it?

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